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The Aspect Customer Care Center is the central location for Aspect Customers and Channel Partners to access Aspect’s Knowledge library, documentation, training, and more. Please complete the form below to register. Providing us with complete information helps us process your membership request quickly!

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All registered users are provided access to our knowledge library, documentation, and Aspect Active Learning.
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Use the options below to request additional access as described. If you select below either access to Support or you are part of the Aspect Channel Partner Program, please ensure you use your corporate domain email address.
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I need access to support for my software trial or free developer environment (Prophecy, and CXP only. Please note that trial/developer users do not have access to Aspect Active Learning).
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I need to manage support cases for the following Asset IDs under active contract with Aspect Customer Care. Please list all Asset IDs – case administration cannot be granted without this information.
I am part of the AspectPro™ Channel and Partner Program
To be a part of the AspectPro™ Channel and Partner Program, your company must be a registered Channel Partner (a reseller of Aspect’s products, services, or technologies). Channel Partner Program participants gain access to sales and marketing resources, program documentation, and lead registration. Contact channelprogramoffice@aspect.com if you have any questions.
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Upon approval of your registration, you will receive an email with your user name for this site and a link to log in for the first time. You may also receive an Aspect Education Services Student ID which grants you access to enroll in Aspect training courses. You can expect to receive your credentials within five business days. If you have questions about registration, or are having difficulty with an existing account, please contact Aspect Customer Care to let us know.

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